Our Retro Candyfloss and Popcorn makers can be mounted on our Tricycles as well as on a table , both great fun and very easy to use, sure to keep the kids quiet whilst they marvel at the Popcorn Maker spilling out fluffy Popcorn and the Candy Floss appearing from almost thin air , if your looking for something a little more refined and customised to your own liking then our beautiful Sweet Cart may be for you 



is healthy for you! – As a low-calorie snack, popcorn only contains 31 calories per serving and that’s for a whole cup of popcorn. Compare this to the same serving size of potato chips, which contains 139 calories, It’s also Allergen-Free. Gluten intolerant folks can rejoice knowing that popcorn is completely free of all major allergens, including gluten, soy, dairy, egg and nuts! Popcorn is 100% whole grain and contains antioxidants.


New studies show popcorn may actually contain more antioxidants than a days worth of fruits and vegetables.

Water Makes the Kernel Pop! – Each tiny kernel contains just a small amount of water, and when that reaches a certain temperature (certain = 347 degrees), the water turns to steam and the kernel POPS!

Kernels can pop upwards of three feet high!

Nebraska USA produces the most popcorn out of all the states.

70% of popcorn consumption is done at home. 


is known as Cotton Candy as well as Candy Floss depending on where you live in the World , Cotton Candy was first introduced by a Dentist believe it or not at the St. Louis World Fair in the USA in 1904.  

In England, it’s called Candy Floss. In Australia and Finland, it’s called Fairy Floss. In the Netherlands, it’s known as Suikerspin, which means “Sugar Spider.” And in France, it’s called barbe à papa, which mean Papa’s Beard.

OK so it may not be your Dentists favourite but next time your Dentist tells you that you’re eating too many sugary foods, you may want to tell him or her that a dentist is, partially, to blame !!

Both the Popcorn and Candy Floss can be hired on the Tricycle or on its own stand if space is at a premium 

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