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Meet " Poppy " , our original Pashley  Ice Cream Tricycle, the first Tricycle we purchased where we travelled to deepest Wales to find her in old Farmhouse buildings , now lovingly and beautifully restored in Surrey, everyone loves Poppy and heads always turn when she arrives at an event, always a talking point for our more Senior customers who remember them well back in the day when they were as familiar as a Milk Float , sadly they went out of what they call fashion but we believe Poppy looks better than any Ice Cream Van any day , she's environmentally friendly and can still serve nearly 1500 Customers in a day .

We continue to search for as many original Ice Cream Tricycles as we can find and bring them back to life , they are part of our history back when life was a little less rushed 

Popular with the Schools and couples planning a Wedding , Poppy is asked back again and again , she loves being dressed up for Weddings and Christenings , Poppys a one off and always the first to get fully booked each year so if you want to meet her dont hang about 


Nelly is the latest addition to our Fleet of Ice Cream tricycles , she is another Vintage Pashley Tricycle which we acquired in June 2018 and purchased in Derbyshire , Nelly recently underwent a complete nut and bolt restoration as well as having a bright new colour scheme .

And now for something completely different !!

We are now able to offer a more customised Tricycle to suit the occasion , if you would like your own artwork or images added to the box our design team are able to print your images on foamex board , these are simply secured to the box with double sided tape , ideal for Kids Birthday parties , Weddings or Corporate days 


Londons 1st Ice Cream Vans 

Can you believe this lovely Old Fashioned Ice Cream Tricycle was saved from the Scrapyard , well at least parts of the frame were , this Ice Cream Trike has now been restored to its former glory with a few modern bits here and there and is now available to attend events .

This is Andys personal favourite , he has been known to ride it down Egham High Street in Surrey much to the amusement of everyone !!

Did You Know  ?

The first ice cream vans weren't vans at all, but Ice Cream Tricycles. Walls Ice Cream  was sold from Bicycles in London in 1923. The famous Royal-warrant-holding butchers diversified into making ice cream as early as 1913, to help with the annual summer profits slump, when meat was cheaper. It wasn't until after the first world war that Wall's ice cream went into production, in a factory in Acton in 1922. It was an immediate success.

To find out more about Old Fashioned Ice Cream Trikes please click on the " History Lesson " TAB


Our older Ice Cream Bikes are frozen the old fashioned way with huge Ice Blocks but our newer more modern Ice Cream Trikes now have the facility to simply plug in the Freezer and away you go .

The team here are all sat firmly on the fence as to whether they like our modern girl or our slighty more fragile Old Fashioned Trikes , either way theres a place for them all in the events calendar and Annie is as popular as any other trike

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